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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sometimes you just wanna kick yourself...

...right now being one fo thise times.
When I was dying thread I kept my color combinations and recipes for various colors in a file on my lap top WELL I "thought" I had it printed out or saved on a disk well I had a crash awhile back and turns out I in fact DID NOT save it or print it... It makes me mad because there were 4 different colorways I wanted to do and had them written out, ohhhhh well guess I gotta start again lol
Right now I am outside with the kids (I LOVE MY LAP TOP and the ease of a WIRELES INTERNET CONNECTION) Shannan is better today more than she has been, still in pain but she is wanting to play with her brother today and is giving me some attitude, not saying that I LIKE the attitude but in a way I missed it LOL
I think I am being invaded by tindy dragons I made a few more and another sort of design for them one without sequins or beads I did about 10 of those to get them right but Shannan is happy about that because she got all the mess ups Nate got a camo one too LOL
Well Have a good day all


yarnplayer said...

Golly - that's a terrible shame about losing about your dye recipes. But, nothing can take away the experience you've gained. I'm sure you'll come up with batches you'll like even better!

***Jon**** said...

Owww, that is terrible for you. But it is a great opportunity to try new shades. Glad that Shannan is feeling better.