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Thursday, June 18, 2009

today is the day...

Shannan gets her tonsils and adenoids out... I am nervous as heck today, my head hurts and my stomach is in a huge knot. I really wish she were going in earlier but they want us there at 9am UGH!! all this extra time to sit and wait. I am gonna drink my coffee (if I can lol) and do my hair. I double checked that our bags are packed and ready I am taking a book to read and my tatting, not sure how much of anything I will get done there. I will update via my cell phone when she is out of surgery. I hope it all goes smoothly. Its supposed to be a 15 minute procedure but I can imagine to me it will feel like 15 hours. Not sure if I can really concentrate on tatting for those 15 minutes. I have to be strong for my baby girl but not sure if I can hold back the tears when they take her from me... I really wish sometimes I were a hard a** lol and that things didnt bother me so much. My son stayed at my moms last night and he will be there tonight too its the first time he is away from his sister while staying there, he cried and it killed me, all I thought about last night was him and shannans day today. Shannan will have to stay over night at the hospital which makes me sad in a way its my husband and I's 11th anniversary and we have NEVER been apart for our anniversary before, ohhh well we will have the weekend I guess.
Ok gonna go occupy my mind for awhile
Updates are coming soon...
Thanks in advance for all the thoughts and prayers

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LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Shannan will do great! It's a really good thing she is having them out as a child. I had mine out as an adult and it is much more complicated. She will thank you in the long run (o: