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Saturday, June 6, 2009


We had a day of work planned, in the yard & garden and around the house... Hubby decided we would have a morning of relaxation, the original plan he had was go for Chinese and I asked to go to Yellow Creek, its a small park kind of thing with a lake. He said yes and it was fun,
some sort of lilly (i think) growing by the water


Looks like FORGET ME NOTS they were growing at the waters edge along with the lillys
We ate and then I ran into BigLots real quick and got a few goodies. The butterfly punch is soooo cool its a bunch of small holes in the shape of a butterfly and you can stich it.
I took my tatting with me and well here is how it still is when I got home, none done LOL
And I suggested as a joke to go to Lake Glendale and to my surprise he said OK! The Dam
going to the dam

I braved it and went to the end of the dock. I am a big wussy when it comes to deep water I am terrified, I cant swim and I will NOT get in the water. I went out and figured since I was there to sit on the end and soak my toes. I was scared but I did great and it wasnt so bad. Hubby laughed at me because when I went to stand up I fell to my knees, right in front of a bunch of fishermen. I was embarrased but it was fun LOL
It was wonderful we were gone for about 7 hours today I got burned really bad but its to be expected with my crazy skin, I didnt know I was burnt until the way home, I feel like I am on fire... Now I am off to soak my burn in a cool tub of bubbles :)
Hope you all had a nice Saturday, i know I did with all this stressful crap going on I really needed a day of just doing "fun" things

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Val said...

your photos are beautiful. they just enhanced your description of the fantastic trip. glad you'd enjoyed yourselves. :)