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Monday, July 20, 2009

Good Morning ~Monday blabbering

Well good morning tatters and anyone else who stumbles upon my bloggy blog. I am working on something right now I *think* its gonna be awesome THINK being the key word here. Hubby is at work I am waiting for the kids to get up. While I am tatting this morning my eyes want to shut so I thought I would say hi to you all thinking that MAY wake me up some but so far NO! Today my son starts STP camp (summer treatment program camp) I am really hoping it helps to calm him down some. He is excited and nervous but that is normal. Shannan and I are going to get some much needed mother / daughter time together I even told her I would start teaching her to tat, with the needle first that is how I taught myself and find it much easier than the shuttle. Like someone told me it dosent matter what you use its still tatting, just a matter of preference. Its supposed to be stormy here today, I absolutely hate thunder, I can imagine that is what it will be doing. We had a storm last weekend and lightening hit one of our trees it hit real close I figured something happened. I am having a contest of some sort, who knows what will become of it. I will be making a repost of it here in a bit with some rules (i guess) lol
Have a good morning all!!

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