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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I am so ANGRY! I wanna scream!

GRRR! ok I had the plan of the PINK FOR LINK benefit well that fell through, only because that lady told me she had my table on reserve. I sent the money and application over 2 weeks ago and today I got my check back and it said they were booked up. I called her and asked why when she told me I was guaranteed my spot. She had the nerve to tell me well I misplaced your application and check and when I coudlnt find it I had just given it to someone else GRRRR! I told her she could have called me, she told me that she didnt think to do that. UGH! Sooo now I am planning something even bigger and better. The 2 people who offered to make something not to worry it will still be happening just not on October 4 as originally planned.
I wanna cry :( BLAH!


yarnplayer said...

Sorry to hear about your trouble - that's a real bummer! If the lady remembered that she already had a booking and knew your phone number (sounds like she did) she should have called to straighten it out.

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

Thanks Marilee well after I calmed down I got to thinking that it could be a blessing in disguise. At the craft sale I could only sell hand made CRAFTS no baked goods or anything else. Now if we have a different kind of sale where we could have anything it could be a HUGE SUCESS!! THANKS for your kind words :)

❦TattingChic said...

That is such poor management on the part of that lady in charge! How frustrating!

Tia said...

At least you got your check back! And you did get some notice, it could have been worse it could be October & you show up to set up & no spot.

Will the plan rehashed be taking place at Galitzin again?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like this Venue Operator (VO) is not playing by the rules. In the US, if i mail an application and check by Certified Mail with Return Receipt - i have proof it was received. That makes it harder for the VO to play these types of games ... i usually toss out a phrases like - "but i have proof from the Post Office you had received it on this date ... what was the date of the other application ? It had to be after mine was received. Have any other applications been "lost" ? Perhaps all of us Applicants can get together and set up a website to "help" you manage the terrible pile of paperwork you have ... and then we can all see the Applications as they are entered and we'll know where each one is on the list ... so there aren't so many phone calls for you to deal with."

i find that shining a "spot light" with a light tone of voice, usually stops the "dark stuff" from continuing ...