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Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Tatting Domain...

Well Miss Krystledawn well I guess I should say MRS. since she is married LOL is having a BLOG CHALLENGE that is pretty cool :)
She wants us to all show our tatting spaces.

Well I actually have 2 tatting spaces the 1st one with my chair is at my window in the bedroom we got 2 big windows and it lets in alot of light :) the only thing missing is me and of course ned. I bought my chair at Walmart for $19 its the most comfy chair I LOVE IT

the 2nd is here on my bed and you can see Ned is right here he has this mad obsession with my tatting stuff he has slept on my thread as a pillow before and I swear he is part cat because he loves to play with thread balls lol
Here you will see my stash of beads and such plus I have 2 smaller totes under my bed with more beads and odds and ends.
This one is inside my sewing errr tatting box also bought at walmart it holds all my thread I am currently playing with its in bags to mark the sizes LOL

This is on the rack by my bed threads books and shuttles more beads and who knows what else

And this is all my tatting thread as you can see there is Ummmm alot LOL plus what I have in my office closet and in my room LOL
*now you have a peek into my mess LOL
Thanks for looking into my little world :)
PS thanks Krystle this was sooooo fun :)


wickedtats said...

Wow! I'm so jealous! You have awesome stuff!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Naturally Ned loves tatting; because his mom does too! Cute pics!

❦TattingChic said...

You're like me...tatting with your laptop, LOL!

Ned is cute! Speaking of a dog who thinks he's a cat...I had a cat who thought he was a dog! He liked to play fetch with red pompoms! LOL! Isn't that funny! He would lay on his back so I could rub his belly with my foot, just like a dog, too!

Great tatting stuff! You've got a ton of it!

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

Thanks all! Yea my lap top is my source of music most days I dont watch tv much at all. Yea I do have a ton of stuff. LOL that is funny about the cat hee hee. Animals what would we do without them LOL