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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday blurbs

Well its Saturday here again. After over a week of lovely sunny weather we are supposed to have rain today which I really dont care either way is fine with me. I have been tatting quite a bit but cant show it yet ;) I have some dyed threads to add also but havent gotten to put any up or take pictures of it.. I do have pictures of some thread I was messing around with a tie dye method, some of it is pretty interesting...
I did a BIG custom order of Golden Peach for a lady who was crocheting herself a blouse
I bought myself this sewing case which is awesome for travel tatting and outdoor tatting
Last night we were watching this little guy chew on pinecones it was so funny the kids were sitting under the tree while he threw the stuff at them they were in heaven ... Weird Kids!! lol
This is I am assuming a Black Eyed Susan it just appeared in my flower errrr weed garden hee hee
On a good note I have lost 7 pounds which is AWESOME for me I still have quite a ways to go but I will get there I just gotta keep doing what I am doing :) Today I am in a bit of a mood, I am just plainly tired of people thinking because I am a stay at home mom I sit on my butt all day and do NOTHING... Goodness the house dosent clean itself and the food dosent cook itself, and the kids dont take care of themselves fully and heck hubby cant even do for himself at times... I am tired, I am expected to go and do what everyone wants and if I dont I am the bad one :( I dunno maybe I am wrong in thinking this way but its what I am thinking I mean NO ONE comes to visit me but yet we gotta go everywhere else for everyone else... I have gotten told in the past that it gets "old" coming to my house hmmm I dont know. Other than the neighbors stopping by to say hi and hubbys friend Jim (the kids adopted him as a pappy) stopping by for a visit I cant remember the last time "I" had company. My friends are all too busy right now. I guess I am feeling a bit lonely, I am kind of in the mood lately I dont even want to leave the house unless I have to. I would rather sit and tat and be with my kids and husband.
Ok done blah blah ing for now I can imagine I will be griped at for saying this :(


❦TattingChic said...

Wow! You have been really busy dying thread. Your sewing case is really cute! :)

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

I love the picture of the squirrel. And YAY for you for losing 7 pounds...that is really awesome! Whatever you are doing ...keep it up!

It is hard for people to understand the amount of work it takes to work from the home. There is no time clock to punch out at the end of the day. Just don't forget you have a lot of wonderful internet friends who "visit" your blog often.

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

Thanks Sherry and you are so right I do have my friends visiting me quite often I really didnt think of that LOL Thanks both of you

Gina said...

Oh, you people flashing your lovely threads and making me drool! I just commented on Sherry's....and Merrilee and Pam have both had theirs up to drool over too.

Did you notice the thread right above the new case you bought? A perfect complement to each other if the blog colors are true.

Ladytats said...

Hi Heather,
congrats on the 7 pounds lost. good for you.
your threads look good, I haven't had a chance to tat with your's yet, will see what comes up this week.