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Friday, July 31, 2009

*sigh* my day so far...

First off my day usually starts at 4am it did today same as any other day. I got daves lunch packed and his breakfast ready, I burned myself on the toaster. Then I made myself a cup of coffee in the microwave only after I dropped a mug and it shattered all over the floor. Got Dave up. Went to mix my coffee and spilled the sugar all over the table. in my hurry to try and catch it I dumped over one of the kids water bottles and it spilled all over the floor. Dave left I was going to scrub so I was shaking my carpets out and got bitten on the neck by a mosquito or something it hurt. So by then my coffee was real cold and decided to just make another cup well my Microwave went POOF its now dead :( this was all before 6am. Then we take my son up to the bus for camp around 8:30 and here is what we seen it was raining pretty hard and fast for a couple hours... Its still raining....

I was debating if I should drive up it its the river err I mean driveway lol
that is how fast it was rushing
our drainage ditch which is about 5ft deep

the driveway

that is my foot

it was the road

Bruce didnt mind the rain

this is now my ceiling which the wet spots are growing the bigger 2 are now 1 big one and then there are 2 more smaller ones
I also didnt get to talk to my mom for 2 days and today her and dad were going on a little trip and I missed calling again :( I think tatting is in order to cheer me up (I hope) I think today is actually MONDAY and not FRIDAY lol


Anonymous said...

Sorry for your miserable day ... you have every right to complain and ask for a little comfort !!! I am very proud of my age and the discoveries i've made ... one of which ... is that i don't let someone else tell me how i feel - or that i "should be happy" !!! These days i tell them they SHOULD shut up or COULD help out or WOULD be leaving quickly !!!!

Straylight said...

Goodness, what a miserable start to a day. :( I hope things get better quickly! I managed to burn a finger on an oven rack last week and boy does that really hurt!

May the weekend bring you many reasons to smile...!

❦TattingChic said...

I hope the flooding has stopped! Yuck!