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Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a Wednesday...

Tuesday night my husband made me really angry. Long story short he pretty much told me that I do NOTHING through the day... hmmmm... Yes my house is not spotless I have a 9 year old a 10 year old and a dog running around. The kids toys are everywhere at times. Our bedroom was in the process of sorting through older clothing and stuff, so it was a bit of a mess. Well that made me mad, so Tuesday evening I started in the kitchen worked my way to the family room and then to the living room and dining room. Got that red up and then on to the kids rooms they both needed their carpeting scrubbed so I did that. After that is was 9pm and I had it for the night we all went to bed. Got up Wednesday and made the kids get up at 5:30 with me to help in my bedroom well by 10am I had a bag of shoes and 3 bags of clothes along with the kids shoes and clothes we ended up taking 7 bags to good will. My car was so packed I had a bag in the front seat as well lol... I treated the kids out for thier wonderful help mostly Shannan helped me Nate took about an hour and a half to pick up about a 1 ft square of trash which really there wasnt much there. That kid sometimes just makes me wanna pull my hair out. We got home and finished my bedroom while the kids picked up their toys I managed to get my room DONE and it looks awesome I moved everything around My back is so sore today but it was worth is I even yesterday bought me a "Tatting Chair" I will have to show a picture of it later on I am too lazy and tired to get off my butt to get my camera lol Today I need to go and pick up my "pink for link" tshirts I cant wait to get them...
Well I am off for now I got a tatting idea in my head since Monday and I really must get it figured out lol
Have a good day all

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Tia said...

LOL, been there! the kicker for me was when the DH said I shouldnt be tired after work because All I do is sit at a desk??