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Friday, August 14, 2009

motif #9, #10, #11 of my 3rd 25 motif challenge

#9 is another ruffled heart which is Victats Ruffled Heart design... done in size 10 thread in Bubble Gum colorway, which is not avaiable yet it was merely a test batch of a different dye technique.
#10 & #11 is PAPRIKA the DRAGON by MARTHA ESS I been wanting to make these for my kids as bookmarks and decided to do them. The pattern was so much easier than it looked at first. the one on the left is in bubble gum color size 10 thread with an extended tail in JK. The one on the right is my sons in my Vanilla Mint thread size 10 with an extended tail also done in the ruffle technique. I love these cute little dragons :)


***Jon**** said...

Stopping bye to say thank you for entering my giveaway. Good luck to you in the drawing.

And good luck with your book, too. i hope you make many sale.

Carol Lawecki said...

These are both on my TO Tat List now. I love that little heart and I've always wanted to tat Paprika. Thanks for posting these. Your HDT Bubble Gum is very pretty too!