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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tatting Tea Tuesday... My first time participating

Yep its my first time participating in Tatting Tea Tuesday... I had me a nice cool glass of Iced Tea I cant drink hot tea unless its with my friend Amy, dunno why but I cant. I am weird LOL
I participated today because I was given strict orders to rest my leg... WHY you ask?? Well some klutz (ME) fell on Sunday and hurt my leg , usually I get a few scratches or bruises and I am ok this time well its a doozey (sp) I dont know what I did and I am going to find out tomorrow morning. It still hurts and the way I fell its amazing that I didnt break it.
Ok on to my tuesday tea tats or is it tat teas for tuesday, I dunno anyways... The top heart is Susan K Fuller's HEARTS DESIRE I had started one last night but messed up from the start I think it had to do with the pain in my leg and I was so tired from not sleeping so well because of the pain, so a new one was started this morning around 5am. Next we have on the bottom left is the TINY SQUARE TEA POT from Martha Ess' book Tea is for Tatting... or Tatting Tea Tuesday? hmmm do you think she made this book for Tatting Tea Tuesday? The bottom right we have Sandra's Dainty Heart by Crazy Mom Tats, she is so funny. I love it its a small heart of her own design. All these are done in size 30 thread the top is Summer's Day (not available yet) and the bottom 2 are Autumn Mountain (also not available yet)
Its weird that I tatted other things than my own today :) It was nice for a change. I have bought quite a few tatting books and barely tatted anything from them and now I am about to order Jons 2 books :)
Hope all have a great Tatting Tea Tuesday. I am off to do something all this sitting has me feeling like ants are in my pants LOL!!!


Krystle said...

Ooo I like the new colors!

Miranda said...

The Autumn Mountain is gorgeous!