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Monday, October 12, 2009

its a monday...

Yes Monday the beginning of work weeks, moms freedom from ankle biters and silly husbands being a pain in the rear. Also a time for mom to play catch up and TAT. I did tat some this morning as well as a little on the weekend but things are coming together correctly yet. Some of what I did is for exchanges I am participating in so I dont know if I will sho those yet or not.. My lap top died on Wednesday not sure what really happened to it it will not turn on I am told its the cord but a replacement cord is just about $80 FOR A STINKING CORD... So I am back to this old heap of a desktop that is just apiece of crap. I got smart though I got one of those plug in sandisk usb drives  to save things That was a SMART decision on my part :) plus is keeps some space freed up on the computer. I shall be tatting today and not alot of other things because my house is fairly tidy. I only have to cook bacon for supper and cut up tomatoes. I already got me a little project in mind for tatting tea tuesday :)

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