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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stinky Dog and a Sick Child

Well I will start off with the stinky dog story... Yesterday my son put the dog out and left him loose in stead I know he did this on purpose because he was mad at the dog. Well it took me about 20 minutes to find and get the dog and when I grabbed the little poop head I nearly vomited. HE ROLLED IN SOMETHING DEAD! it stunk so bad and I had to stand there holding him until my daughters bus came OMG it was horrid. So when we got to the house I cleaned up a bit and finished supper and then had to bath the dog GAG it was bad then I showered I cant tell you how good that shower felt. ICK!!!
Now on to the sick child part. I dont know what to do at this point. Saturday he had a fever 102.9 next day it was 102.4 Monday it was 99.2 which was good but I kept him home to be safe he was good all day then last night he said he felt like he had a temp and I checked it and sure enough 101.4 This morning it was 101.0 SIGH! he isnt sick just the fever and coughing a bit not as much today as he has been. I called the doctor and they said as long as he isnt throwing up keep him here and if he worsens call again, it could be one of the many viruses going around along with many flus and the swine flu. I can imagine the doctors offices are crazy. Yesterday my kids school between elementary, middle and highschool the absent count was 150 students out.
I am beyond stress and worry about this flu crap. I havent slept alot since Saturday night for worry of my son and daughter. So far Shannan is good which is GREAT because she was always my sickly one.
I dont know if this tatting tea tuesday will hold any tatting or not I hope it will maybe once Nate lays down for a nap I can sit and tat a little bit...
ok enough complaining
Have a good day all


Rayanna said...

OMG, I hope he feels better soon! I have a 10 yr. old daughter and they sure do give you a run for your money and then some. Hang in there. TTFN (I love Winnie the Pooh).

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Hope things calm down a bit at your house. Been there - it's no fun! Just keep thinking - this too will pass.