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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

...and so it begins

Well its Wednesday, not just your normal Wednesday but the day before THANKSGIVING ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!Help me

I got tons of stuff to do today and I gotta make a run to the store because Ned is nearly out of food darn dog has to eat too lol

The kids have 1/2 day of school today UGH!! I hope when they get home they are in a good mood and not little pooper heads like usual...

On my list today is
Making the ham
sweet potatoes
deviled eggs
pumpkin mousse
candied carrots
and of course the vultures will need supper

making the smoked turkey
mashed potatoes
and I think I need a pumpkin pie I love it and feel I cant do without it LOL

I can imagine there is more I will discover I need to do as I go *sigh* it never ends LOL

Happy Turkey day


Carol Lawecki said...

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Sharon D. said...

Have a great Thanksgiving. Better get off of here and get started on tomorrow dinner.

Rayanna said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I don't have a meal list that long but I do have to make pasta for my hubby cuz he is picky picky. Have a good one.