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Monday, November 16, 2009

My Birthday

Dave and I celebrated my Birthday on Saturday... The went from good to bad to worse I am not getting into what happened I dont need tears LOL but we decided to stay at home we went for a walk and got some groceries and watched movies it was great!! My mom had the kids this night and I was instructed to NOT come until around 11 to get them... My mom made me a birthday dinner and cake I felt badly because Dave made me breakfast this day too and I had already eaten but I just couldnt resist my moms mashed potatoes and gravy so I had some it was good and she made me an apple cake which is sadly almost gone LOL no pictures of that cake sorry... When we were at the store we bought me a cake from the bakery our Giant Eagle has the most awesome cakes they have Satin icing which isnt as sweet as the other sugar icings. My mom made us a snowman family and an advent calender its still in the bag until Dec 1. but My snowman family is on the table I love it and its soooooooo super cute (my mom may have an etsy shop beginning January 2010) My mom is so creative that is probably where i get it from :)

There is Dave and Nate with their tools
All of us together

Shannan crocheting and I tatting

Now tell me how cute is that :)
Today I planned on just doing nothing BUT decided to start cleaning up my office a bit holy crap all the junk I have DANG!! So I started a new etsy shop to get rid of my unwanted craftie stuff. I will post about that as soon as I get some things in there..
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes :)


Tatskool said...

Happy belated birthday, the snow men are fabulous, what a talented lot you are.

Rayanna said...

The snowman family is adorable. You are all so talented. Have a good day!

Fox said...

Love the Snow Family! Happy Belated!
Fox : )

wickedtats said...

that's so cute!

happy belated birthday