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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So Deeply Touched!!

I can not express how I feel right now other than COMPLETE GRATITUDE!!!
I have the best tatting pals on the earth... You are all the best and most wonderful people... I asked for donations  and I got them From Nancy I got 2 beautiful hearts 1 for the shop and 1 for Tracy... From Lady Tats a BEAUTIFUL doily, From Miranda Rensberger She made 2 ornaments a book mark and 15 of tracys hearts for the shop and gave a donation for Tracy, Wanda sent a heart for the shop as well as Cindy... My mom gave some of her crocheted scrunchies and a doily that I have yet to photograph and get on there.  I spent 2 hours this morning getting the things on there it was a bit tiring but worth it...
I THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! I got the majority of it in the mail yesterday and just teared up with how much you are all willing to part with your goodies... You will all be rewarded just not yet because I dont have the rewards completed and I will still be taking donations so keep them coming...
THANK YOU!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Well that is how I have spent my tatting tea tuesday so far. I am hoping some tatting will be done today I still need to add a few more clay shuttles to my shop and my kids are off school today and tomorrow...

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Isdihara said...

What wonderful news! And to think after all that work uploading to the shop you still have energy left for Tatting Tea Tuesday. Impressive!

A warm scone, thoughts and a special pour from my pumpkin teapot are just for you today! And do keep us posted how things go, will you?