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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

12-29-09 The final Tatting Tea Tuesday of 2009

I was up at 4 as usual and decided I wanted to finish Lady Pink today for Tatting Tea Tuesday
I did my chores early this morning got just about all them done and decided to sit down for Tatting Tea Tuesday, Ned would have nothing of it unless he is included in it so here I sit in my tatting chair with Ned sleeping at my feet.

Pre tatting tea tuesday you can see ned there being rather impatient

he is on the chair now saying MOMMY GET COMFY SO I CAN GET COMFY ON YOU

And we are down for the count LOL
I am now off to tat I am drinking my coffee right now but I have some special tea I bought myself to try today


Gina said...

Aaaccckkk! I forgot it was Tuesday! hmmm...can't end the year without a TTT post. Will have to ponder on this - later. Have a guest coming.

Isdihara said...

If your little corner of Tat Land is as blustery and cold as mine today, Ned has the right idea!

I just finished my TTT tatting and am writing my post, so I'll be stopping back in a few hours to see your highlights (after I have written mine).

One year-end question is "Do you want to see Tatting Tea Tuesday in 2010?" Your thoughts?

Thank you so much for contributing to the success of Tatting Tea Tuesday in 2009. Your participation helped mold it into the fun event it grew to be.