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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gee Willickers WHAT A MONDAY I HAD

Monday was definately a MONDAY here...
Got up at the usual 4am got Daves lunch ready, coffee etc... After I get him up and after he gets dressed he then tells me he dosent want to go to work. I have learned from the past this can be a re occuring thing :( After a bit of arguing and me getting angry I just said WHATEVER!! He made me call his boss with a lame excuse when I said I wasnt going to call he got all smart-a$$ like and said "WELL I GUESS I WILL GO TO WORK THEN" I do not do well with guilt trips probably why I get it done to me so often LOL So I said fine whatever I did it... The plan of the day was to finish up Christmas shopping, we went to Altoona, ran around to where HE wanted to go and went to eat and then he said its too crowded and we left with NO shopping done. I did though get my glasses fixed here way back in March when I got them they kept snapping lenses and NOW I found out that the curve of my lenses was too much strain on my frames causing the lenses to keep popping out at the top. I got new lenses for FREE (YAY) and I can see better I LOVE IT!!!
We got home I did some odds and ends and then I get a phone call.
Secretary: Hi is this Heather
Me: yes
Secretary: the school nurse asked me to call you and have you come to the school Shannan fell in recess and cut her head open and needs stitches, you will have to come get her
Me: Ohhh my god! (tears begin along with stomach ache)
Secretary: she is ok the nurse is with her
Me: have my son Nate ready too so I can get him as well
Secretary: ok what teacher does he have
Me: ummmmm (my mind went blank)
Secretary: dont worry I will look it up
Me: ok I will be there soon
hung up
dont even think I said bye to her
My heart was racing I was shaking and so worried what i would see I began to cry I hurried and got my jeans on and drove like a wild woman to the schoool it normally takes me about 15 mins to get there but it felt like 3 hours, crying the whole way. (david didnt even offer to go with me) I called mom told her I just needed to hear her voice it calmed me down some. I got to the school wiped my tears and tried to compose myself. Got in the office there was Nate waiting for me the secretary told me to go back to the nurses office I get there the Nurse is on the phone and no child in sight (sick feeling again) The nurse was then calling another Shannans mom to come get her for stitches I was thinking my shannan and her other friend shannon got into a fight or something. I am shaking uncontrollably now. She got off the phone and told me the news. IT WAS A MIX UP! WRONG SHANNAN!
WHAT????? Here I am ready to have a heart attack I Cant breathe and I am ready to vomit! and its a MISTAKE!!!! I was relieved but after the relief wore off I was angry. Now where is my daughter, she was on the bus, so they radioed the bus to have them bring Shannan back to the school for me. The nurse and the secretary were both looking like they were ready to cry because of the mistake I know things happen, we are only human, just next time after the blood is all cleaned off make sure you call the parents THEN not before when you arent sure what child it is. Ahhhhhhhh! Called mom told her things were ok and then called Dave and told him it was the wrong Shannan. Got home and just about lost it. Shannan was upset because she seen her friend do it. Nate was upset because he was worried it was his sister so after a crying hug-fest we were all ok. The kids got a gift from Santa last night they were supposed to get it at a party on Saturday but the car was misbehaving so we didnt make it.
This morning Dave didnt want to go to work again he wanted me to feel sorry for him saying his nerves were bothering him, he always does this when he takes a day off for no reason, my theory STOP TAKING DAYS OFF NEEDLESSLY.
Today I am off to finish the christmas shopping myself which is what I should have done in the first place instead of trying to get him to do it with me.
Today has not started off so well I realy hope the rest of the day goes better. No more scary phone calls either.
Have a good day

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Crazy Mom Tats! said...

WAAAAAAAAA! What a day! I'm so glad that your daughter is ok - I know that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. It's baaaaad.

Breathe. Be calm. Have a better Tuesday.