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Saturday, December 19, 2009

kolczyki pamieci ~~ Rememberance Earrings And a PLEA for help LOL

I am currently using beads from an old necklace of my grandmas
She liked to speak in polish at times and german I loved it I can still hear some of the funny things she used to say ♥
Anyways I was attempting a rememberance snowflake but I kept hitting snags but I think I may be on track

Here are the Rememberance Earrings (kolczyki pamieci)

I only have 1 done so far. I used my needle I did the split chain but I am asking my tatting friends who dont mind taking a bit time out of their busy schedule to help another tatter. I am asking if you know of a way to make the split chain like in the picture with the shuttle. I asked someone else for help but they refused to even look at any of my tatting.
So if anyone knows of a way perhaps you could explain or point me in the direction of a tutorial on how?? Like I said I mostly needle tat and shuttle when I feel like I know quite a bit with the shuttle but some things I just dont get. I can do a normal split chain with the shuttle but cant seem to figure if this can be done... I will continue to mess around and see if I can figure anything out.


Gina said...

Did you go to Jane Eborall's pattern page? There is a link to Marie's split chain in techniques.

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

No THANKS Gina!! I will go and check it out!!

Katie said...

What a great idea to use those beads as a remembrance! The earring is so cute! Sorry, I don't needle tat, so can't help with that.