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Saturday, December 12, 2009

a little upsetting

I figured I would browse around blogger land this morning and catch up on some things i havent looked at in awhile and you knwo what I found
someone claiming that my designs were there not only 1 time but 2 times. I hate that dont you?
You other designers knwo where I am coming from but being the timid person I am I am not going to say a word :( Goodness give credit to the designer TALK ABOUT FRUSTRATING and upsetting.


Nancy in Dallas said...

Heather, I understand how frustrated you must be. But remember GOD knows who the designer truly is and that's YOU! He has given you a wonderful gift, that others feel they must 'steal'. Please, try not to let 'them' take away your joy, it not worth it! You know your work, and so does GOD! I for one love it and admire you and your work so much!

Miranda said...

You've got to say something, or this person will just keep doing it. Maybe, not being a designer themselves, they just don't get it. I would e-mail them privately and ask that they please give you credit for your designs in their next blog post. You can do it in a non-confrontational way, simply explaining that common courtesy is to credit a designer for their work.

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

You need to say something. who were the jerks?

Shogun said...

I agree that you need to say something to them, find out if they did it maliciously or in ignorance, and let them know. If it has happened twice, I would think the rest of the designing world needs to know about them. It is only fair, others might have designs stolen as well. Don't do it out of revenge or anything, just to be fair and open, so others are aware and prepared.

Sharon said...

It IS possible, especially with simpler designs for 2 people to come up with very similar patterns. In that case you can contact the other party and simply comment about how great minds think alike, pointing out where the similar design can be seen on your blog. Doing so, is polite and non confrontational. However, if the design is more complex and you are certain that the design is yours and has been pilfered you can write and just state facts. You can say something like, "Design "X" which you are showing on your blog is identical to my design shown on my blog on MMDDYY giving the date and blog address where it can be seen. Since you are using MY design created and published before yours, please give me credit for it's creation." Again it is polite and non confrontational. BUT make sure you have your facts straight. It is much better to verify your suspicions making absolutely sure that the copy cat isn't you. It would be terrible to accuse someone and then discover that they had created the design first. Secondly, don't be afraid to name names. Be absolutely truthful, not accusing and give the name and blog address of where the design is shown. Some people genuinely don't know that it is bad form to copy designs. Other tatters can help reinforce the information that displaying the design with or without proper credit is fine, but taking credit for the design when it isn't yours, is not. Being honest is NEVER wrong.