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Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Christmas

Was wonderful... Christmas eve we went to my parents house for a few hours then I took the kids to look at lights it was nice. Came home to hubby and just cuddled together while the kids played we left them stay up until 10.
They woke up to Santa's humor. hee hee

yep they both got little bags of coal (it was only chocolate candy)
Santa decided to hide all the gifts on mommy's tatting chair because we had some 'issues' last year with christmas and my sons impulsiveness.

Santa was pretty good to them this year!

Ned got some gifts as well a dog and some toys I didnt get any pictures of him opening it up but it was so comical here he is post present opening he was just a LITTLE excited

Still excited his expression says "I LOVE SANTA" dont you think?

Again post present opening he gave me his snowman squeaker and decided that my socks that I got from Santa were to be his... Silly dog

And after everything was cleaned up poor Ned was so exhausted he needed to nap with Irma

Look its Mr. & Mrs. Claus

My little brother was trying to kill me on Christmas eve none the less ROFL!!

And here we are starting on the couch
L to R:
Me, my sister, my brother
Out front
Nate, Shannan
Kids & Grandkids

My Christmas this year was great it felt different than usual I dont know why but it just did
I had a wonderful 4 day weekend with my husband too. The kids are happy and healthy
What more could I ask for. well other than more tatting books and thread and stuff LOL ;)

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