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Thursday, January 28, 2010

custom thread order

Here is the custom thread order i had spoke of...
Totusmel had said awhile back that no one dyes much solids atleast not what she was looking for so I took it upon myself to dye her some samples and she loved them and now she is ordering her 2nd batch and a new color was added to the mix. Her orders are for whole skeins of thread, size 10 . First before the pictures I will tell you about the colors
We have deep purple its dark and so pretty
then there was a mistake that was a bit lighter and spotty she liked it as well
Then a dark grey which is so pretty also
Then she requested turquoise, I had done some turquoise before so I mixed it the same way but for some reason I got emerald green, no biggie just get more dyes and do it again so I waited for my mail to come, it ended up being a few days later than planned due to our wonderful weather we had. Well it was still too green, GRRRRR! good thing I used my head and dyed samples. so finally after a few days of messing around I FINALLY got it to where I wanted it. WOW!

this is her complete order

Emerald Green

All (including the green) together

If any one would like any of these colors let me know I will dye some up for ya.


Rayanna said...

You did a wonderful job. SO PRETTY!

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

thanks Rayanna I love the colors also I really think I need some of them for me and my shop lol

BeadweaverDeb said...

Those are pretty! I think I may need to get some of those. : )