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Saturday, January 2, 2010

A funny and todays 'LOVELY' weather

First I will tell you the funny. The kids were out sledding yesterday they got soaked and David told them to watch getting too cold because of frost bite LOL the kids were so worried all day after they came in about it they kept looking and asking me if their skin was turning black ROFL!! Today the kids and I went up for the mail which was a HUGE mistake the snow had slowed so it was my chance to take some pictures and get the mail because FedEx left out package at the mailbox it was the kids PS2 games we had ordered they were in a hurry for them. We went up and the wind was whipping like crazy my son said he was getting cold my face was hurting badly my son said I feel like I am getting FREEZER BURN omg I was laughing so hard it was just too funny he meant frost bite and I re assured him that he wasnt lol

here was todays weather

just walking out the door

heading up our 1/4 mile driveway

kids loving the snowbut it was bitter cold

the snow was coming down harder now and you could barely see

David is out plowing now I want to go out and take pictures but its just too cold and it did a number on my breathing already :( darn RA

Have a nice day!!


Miranda said...

Gorgeous pics, especially the bottom one, but I'm glad I'm not out in it. I like the way the snowflakes on the camera lens make it look like the air is full of snowballs, with nobody throwing them.

Vanessa said...

These photos are beautiful. It's weird to see how cold it is over there when we are currently having hot whether over this side of the earth!

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Though I KNOW how cold it is!

Tatskool said...

Now that's what I call brrrrrrrrrr!
but beautiful.