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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Psst... Hey Guess what?

I am waiting (im)patiently for some ordered items to come in my mail... Can you guess what they are??

I am participating in my own Wakky Wednesday Challenge and I learned me-self something new today.

I will show it later when I am finished and YES dear Jane I am using a shuttle well actually 2 ;) ♥

hee hee

This is a non-sense post so laugh and roll your eyes I am used to it I got a 10 year old daughter LOL

Have a good day all

I hope I get some or all my goodies in the mail today



Rayanna said...

I hope you get them today too. It's like Christmas all over again. I know all about a 10 yr. old daughter. She is now 11 yrs. old, yikes! Have a happy day!

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

Hi Rayanna
LOL yea we are on the same wavelength then with that mine will be 11 in April or should I say 10 going on 16... GIRLS!?!?! lol
I am not counting on getting my goodies today with the way the weather has been it may be a bit delayed but still I cant wait lol