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Monday, February 15, 2010

Sucess & Dissappointment

SUCESS!! I got the pattern to cooperate for the earrings
But I am not done with it I got many ideas before its released. STAY TUNED!!

I was a bit dissappointed when my photos didnt get chosen ohhhh well I thought it wasnt fair that some professional photographers were included but that is life.

I did look into online study courses for photography one in peticular caught my eye but after the phone call from the VERY PUSHY man wanting me to enroll NOW to start on Thursday i told him I would have to talk to David and he pretty much said ohhh why would you need to do that. Hmmmmm wander why when we are paying for it UGH!! Whatever it was very very pricey so that one is out for now I am not real sure if I want to do that right now.

I am looking for a pattern tester who is ready to tat a few small items when I email them. They are simple small things for 'something' I am working on
email me at

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wickedtats said...

i dont mind testing =)