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Monday, April 26, 2010

grumble, grumble, gripe.

Saturday was going to be a nice day, take note of the word WAS. We decided to go out for Chinese for lunch, my favorite. We were all getting ready and I decided to bend over and I felt pain in my back, I knew what it was and I knew what it meant. PAIN!! I really dont know what it is but my lower right side of my back that muscle I always pull it or hurt it or WHATEVER. It knocks me out of commission because I cant sit stand or lay comfortably, ben gay becomes my best friend along with the heating pad. UGH! Sunday wasnt the best either but today its feeling better somewhat I can actually move more without wanting to scream bloody murder. I did some laundry and a few other things until my back said, no more right now.
And for the past 4 days my throat has been sore, bad sore, its spring, I knew it was coming, ALLERGIES. BLAH!! I like spring for the cool weather but the pollen kills me.
I did have a bit of a rough week last week well the last few days of the week anyways BUT I have awesome friends who pulled me through!! I ♥ them. I have been tatting a few things here and there and I started on the spinning wheel glass mat by Mary Konior, that project may take me awhile its gonna be my sometimes project, when I am in between designing things.
Well I guess I am off to tat just hoping I dont fall asleep while doing it lol


Fox said...

Hope you feel better soon, Heather!

I really like the new blog format - SO much easier to read!
Fox : )

Miranda said...

Sending good vibes your way.

Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch! I pulled a lower back muscle last week and nearly passed out it hurt so back. No exaggeration. It still hurts and it feels like I'm sitting on a lump. Ben-gay and a heating pad are not what you should be using. Put ice packs on the area for twenty minutes at a time. I've been using bags of frozen peas or corn. Haha! Trust me, you'll be surprised at how much better ice makes it feel. Take an Aleve, too. The anti-inflammatory in them helps immensely.

❦TattingChic said...

You do what you need to do to feel comfortable! If it persists I hope you're able to see the doctor. (((Hugs)))