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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


you know the ones with the beads I finished up a few more since my TTT post... Here is a better view of them...

A little bit on the current addiction LOL
You have all heart me rant a few times on how much I hate having beads on the shuttle... That is what these are Rings only with the beads on the shuttle once I kind of got onto it it wasnt so bad well that is unless the beads are too big to be wound on the shuttle lol. These were so fun and anyone can do it just do a ring as if you are making a ring with beaded picots and dont add the bead to ANY picots and just close the ring like that voila` my version of a beaded ring I guess lol I am sure its been done before I never looked it kind of happened by accident as usual.


Miranda said...

That's a very interesting way to add beads. I'm not a huge fan of beads on the shuttle either. It's my own fault, though; I always wind them too far back and have to unwind a huge amount to get to the bead and then rewind it all back on.

***Jon**** said...

This is an interesting take on bead with tatting. Now, why hadn't I thought of this before, LOL.