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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday April 13, 2010

Well what can I say about Tatting Tea Tuesday today... not alot it was a day, not that great but not real bad... I got my vehicle on Sunday ((YAY)) but hubby is restricting me going many places until its completely in our names etc... Its a 2004 GMC Envoy I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

Ohh i also forgot something to be glad about because i can tat easily 'outdoors' after its finished up. We are getting a front porch a REAL front porch, not like our whoville front porch we have now its crooked and we had to have it for code etc... hubby built it and it didnt turn out so well lol You cant really sit there now with a chair its small, the reason we are getting a porch is we need a ramp for mother in law when she comes for holidays and stuff, she can barely walk now and we like to get her from the nursing home and bring her here now and then, I cant wait I want somewhere to sit outside and it to be shaded too it will be nice to sit and drink our coffee in the morning too :)

I didnt get a ton of tatting done today I had calls to make and my sister was here, she didnt tat today but mostly complained about her life... BLAH BLAH BLAH we all have troubles hers are self inflicted troubles.

Here is what I did today. Some more of the beaded ring motifs...

 Final one I made before the kids got home
 I had to do this with Ginger dosent she look so darling. she kind of has that "look at me" attitude
I really thought I was on to something with the beaded rings and I come to find out it is a commonly used technique, ohhh well I felt important for a minute there LOL

Have a good day


Paula C. said...

The little beaded ring motifs are very cute and really look cute on the dog =) I really am interested in your covered half marbles and have left a couple of comments on them. Could you please tell me if this is a pattern you have available. I think I would like to make on for my rear view mirror. Hope to hear from you =) My email is in my profile.

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

Hi Paula THANKS for your kind comments
I will get the patterns for the half marbles done up tomorrow for you :) I was planning on doing some more too :)
Keep an eye out :)

Isdihara said...

You should feel important EVERY day, because you are important! What would we do without you?

Your little beaded motifs are adorable, but when you factor in Ginger-cuteness, it is an unbeatable combination.

It has been such a frenetic few days! Can I come hide out in your new SUV? It is so huge you may not even notice me quietly tatting in the far, far back! ;-)

Vanessa said...

Heather, your tatting is beautiful, but it will always be upstaged when placed in the same photo as this GORGEOUS dog.

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

IsDihara thanks so much you always bring my mood up... Yes you can hide in my SUV heck you dont even have to hide I can imagine we would chatter and chatter ;) We could pick up Debbie and Rayanna & Carol and make a day of it WOOOOO!!
And yes I agree Ginger makes the tatting look beautiful :)

Gina said...

I'm jealous - I SO want a porch!