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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday April 20, 2010

Todays Tatting Tea Tuesday was a busy kind of day I guess. I have a sore foot, its my fault, some people chew their nails, twirl their hair, when they are under stress or nervous, well my feet are so dry and cracked ALL the time so I pick my skin and I really did it this time. It hurts to walk on it. *sigh*

I ran my errands I had to mail out some lady books ;) go to the grocery store and get some things hubby wanted meatloaf for supper so I decided to make something a bit different I made my version of stuffed meatloaf, it was goooood, we also had pieroghies and garlic beans & mushrooms.

I did some reading and i had my faithful little girl with me on my chair. She loves her momma so much, i normally cant move without her she loves to cuddle and just sit with me. I love the tv show Supernatural I think its an obsession truthfully, its on Thursdays at 9pm and I am glued to the tv for that hour I am not a tv person but that show I am LOL I have the journal and some books from the show I love it!!

Tatting: I did some more on the half marbles I was going to do 2 whole ones too BUT the inspiration isnt there I cant design under pressure LOL

Ginger and Ned were waiting me to sit and tat. They are too cute. Pets are wonderful

I made this with some new beads I found at Big Lots they are neat i definately plan to do more with those beads they are pretty

Now some Eye Candy
Hand Dyed metallic

And Hand Dyed bamboo

ok off to nurse my boo boo and tat some more with Ginger laying across my lap.


TypsTatting said...

That looks really sore hope it gets better soon!!!! Love the hand dyed metalics.

Vinnie said...

That foot must be hurting!
Hope it gets better soon.
Your pets are really cute.

Gina said...

I have trouble with cracked heels. I find applying a thin layer of vaseline every morning & night (esp. in winter) really helps. Have to wear socks, but it heals up pretty fast and then protects my heels from further cracking.

Isdihara said...

That happens to me too...alternate foot soaks and treatments to soften the hardened skin (plus some Neosporin to kill germs on the openly raw areas) make up my recovery regimen. One you are ambulatory again, Gina's suggestion will work wonders! Good luck!

Fox said...

Me too! Cracked heals are awful. Gina is right - the socks are what make the creme or Vaseline work so well. Socks... Heather.... Socks....!
Fox : )