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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday goodies

WOW its Saturday already, actually Saturday night...
Yesterday I went to Debbies, I so love our tat and chat, time just goes too fast, we don't tat much mostly chat hee hee..
I took my kids to my mom and dads for the weekend YES!!!!! Its nice and peaceful and I get some much needed 1 on 1 time with my hubby.
Today we went and got a new water tank, he bought me a new air conditioner our old one makes me sick with the mildew that is in it. Then I went to michaels and got me some goodies BEADS lol

And we got home and I checked the mail and found a nice package from Tudy from Tudys Craft Cupboard I responded to her pay it forward give away thing ?? and I forgot about it imagine my surprise :D
Its beautiful I got a nice bag, a little zipper bag, some cinnamon mints which are good :) a beautiful little sachet that I can add my own scent to, and some nice tatting thread... THANK YOU TUDY :) you are too kind...

Today was a good day I am tired, tomorrow is Sunday already I guess I will have to go pick up my kids *sigh* the weekends are too short LOL but I miss my monkeys...

And a reminder Monday night at 8:30 est I will be teaching in the online tatting class woo hoo


TypsTatting said...

Those goodies look wonderful!! What brand is the Tatting Thread looks like Altin Basak, but I may be wrond!!!!

Tudy said...

I am glad you liked it and glad it arrived so quickly.

Glad you had a good weekend too.

Love the beads.

Tatskool said...

LOVELY goodies.