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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend Blah...

I was excited for Saturday after a converstation with hubby Friday evening.... he asked me where do you want to go? Buttermilk Falls i replied, Ehhhh was his reply so i looked up different parks for us to go to. Saturday came and he got mad about it and we didnt go but we did have to run for him. :( and we went out to eat mind you I love Chinese but i was angry. Dont even get me started on my son, Grrrrr!! I was still mad.
Today came (sunday) and he talked of going somewhere today again where ever i wanted. ok the park. then he complains we have no extra money for gas but we could go to indiana to lowes (what he wanted to do again) i left and went to the grocery store. i am mad i was so counting on a few hours out having a good time and just not thinking of anything but enjoyment. NO!! whatever. I so cant wait for everyone to go to work and school tomorrow. I want and need a break. I am starting a diet tomorrow not really a diet, its the special k challenge cereal for breakfast and lunch and normal supper. i did it before and I have to do it again. I plan on walking more too even if its not in the woods all the time, i got a giant yard I can walk around a few times ...
I really didnt get to tat alot this weekend due to me being mad, I did sort my beads today Shannan helped me so i gave her a bunch as a reward and 2 cases. She is happy I just hope she uses them and they arent scattered around the house.
ok I am off to try and tat for now...

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