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Monday, August 2, 2010

~UPDATES~ clay, tatting & general blah blah-ing

I cant believe its already August 2nd, where ohhh where did the summer go... School will be starting on the 30th for my monsters, YAY!!!! I am so glad its coming then maybe I will have some time where I wont have to run for Nates appointments and such constantly.

We had to get the electricity worked out and all it took was a new wire cap. A total bill of $45, Thank you Martin, I like our electrician he is so nice and funny, gosh we were laughing the whole time he was here, telling the kids silly jokes and riddles I loved it. We are still without the satellite dish but I dont care I can deal with that, its driving my husband crazy which is why I think he is torturing me with watching scary movies like Nightmare on Elm Street, Saw etc...

I have been for the past few weeks messing with clay, trying new things, and creating... I am not showing everything yet because I need to take the photos and we all know how trying to take photos of un-coopeative and un-posable things can be LOL
I have been experimenting with beads making beads with clay and pendants and such, its turning out well and I am satisfied its quite a bit of work but the end result is wonderful. I have recently discovered decoupage too its something I have been wanting to try and I did and I love it!

My latest book will be Tatted Earrings & Things book 2. I am taking my time, I will not have tunnel tatting vision (i wander if that really exists) in other words the book isnt my main focus at the moment if I am working on the book and I get an idea for something else I will go with my idea, usually if I ignore it I wont get it back or I end up forgetting what I was thinking about.
Here is a sneak peek at a pendant for the book and I even used one of my new clay pendants. Its called Karma, for 2 reasons I was listening to my newest CD Jerrod Niemann a song called I hope you get what you deserve, there is a line in the song that says "Karma has a funny way of settling all the things we do" I believe in karma and seriously cant wait for some people to get what they have coming to them. LOL
Back to the clay I know I am jumping around, I must have ants in my pants or something... Here are some decoupaged ones I did they turned out pretty well I need a bit more practice with certain things but its fun.

My favorite are the little lady bugs they are too cute.

On Friday evening I cut my foot on a porcelain sea shell bead that Shannan left on the floor I initially thought it was just a cut until Saturday evening, it felt like I was walking on a ball or something it hurt. I made David dig at it and I was right that darn thing was 1/4" wide going down to a point and the point was in my foot WAAAAAAAAAY in there talk about OUCH!!! it felt better after that still sore but not as bad, last night there was still another piece he dug out, hopefully there is no more. On top of that being sore my other leg muscle or something was hurting bad I couldnt walk up stairs or hills or down stairs, I talked to one of  hubbys relatives who is a nurse and she questioned me and here I did it to myself, it was called an Electrolyte Embalance pretty much I was dehydrated, it causes muscle cramping in the legs, so finally today my leg feels good.

I did take a few pictures over the weekend not many since the weather has been so weird, hot and humid, YUK!!!

and this is how I caught Ned and Ginger this morning, I had to take the picture fast they were ready to run when I came in the room LOL

What little stinkers.


Imoshen said...

Those beads are just too precious.. I have to wait to stock up drat..

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

:) thanks and do not worry I am always messing with clay :)