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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A bit of this & a bit of that

UPDATE on mother in law, she is improving, They sent her back to the nursing home, everytime we try to get info on how she is doing, no one knows its frustrating. This week has been one of those wacky weeks that I can stand to not have again.

We moved our livingroom around on Saturday it was a mess and contained a broken futon which I got so tired of and asked hubby for the millionth time to get it the heck out of here, and well the kids threw all their crap everywhere. Now its a functional area and my new favorite tatting place. I had to shop today so I spent about $30 to make my couch look nice, its also a futon but the kids put a tear in it, I covered it with a bed matress cover thing at first. I think I was in a fallish mood and without even realizing it matches my carpet :) I bought an ordinary pretty brown fitted sheet, 2 pretty green pillows and a pretty green throw which reminds me of the ones my grandma used to have. *sigh* I miss my grandma and my dog especially at times like what I am going through no matter what even if I was wrong they always made me feel better. :'(

And I got new washcloths because kind of like the sock monster, the washcloth monster has wreaked havoc on the supply we usually have or HAD i should say they are in georgous fall colors and I hadent realized that either, I was kind of in a drone-y zombie state while shopping today. Lack of sleep and being upset will do that to ya lol

My table / foot stool / whatever even has some tatting on it... Its one of my designs but for the life of me I cant find the pattern so i may have to re-do this one
See the cute little cherub with the doggie... I love dogs my mom gave me this :D

While shopping I was deciding whether to buy more bubble wrap or not I dont really need anymore YET but when I seen this I had to get it.

Fall is beautiful, my favorite time of year but I havent had the energy or mood to go and enjoy it... BUT I will leave you with a beautiful shot I got after they chopped the corn down.


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