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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Happier Post

I was just in an ok mood before, I am terribly lacking sleep lately, feeling blah, not wanting to do much. I had an appointment this morning, I got the answers I was looking for. That in fact eased my mind alot.

I got home, and decided to walk around outside a bit since the weather is alot nicer and the sun felt warm on my face, for the first time in awhile I noticed the birds chirping away, the woodpeckers banging on the trees, the sky is so blue. Its beautiful.

As I was walking I got to thinking of all the good in my life. My wonderful husband who puts up with my moodiness lately, comforts me when I need it, helps me through everything. I couldn't ask for a better man.

My kids, without them I would be lost, they help me also just by doing things to make me laugh so hard I can't breathe. They are my whole reason for living.

My pets, ahhh yes the 20 hermit crabs I have crawling around in the aquarium, some people find them boring but I happen to love them, some of them have their own personalities, one likes to eat from my hand, another likes to crawl up my arm, they are all just adorable in my opinion.

Ned was the first of our "free" dogs, he is a sweetie, allthough stinky and grouchy at times, he always knows when I am really upset he will jump in my lap and whine with me LOL

Ginger is the sweetest most gentle girl, she is the tiniest and the only female dog I have had. She loves to cuddle when I am tatting or beading she will jump on top of my chair and sleep above my head.

Riley our newest addition my friend couldn't keep him, I begged David to consider us getting him it was no at first but he changed his mind. Riley is a BIG boy about 105 pounds. He has the sweetest brown eyes, he is so attached to me I love him, he follows me everywhere and tries to climb in my lap LOL it dosent work so well. He knows too when I am down he will come to me and lay his head on my lap. He sits and tried to cuddle on the couch but he pretty much takes up the whole thing.

I am so happy to have met my friend Debbie, we get together about once a week, she listens to me she understands all the little things. We tat, laugh (ALOT) especially when the kids are all together, we bead, and just have a great time.

Instead of worrying about the things I can not change, I am going to work on the things that I can. Sometimes reality has to slap you in the face, I think that is what the sunshine did today but it didn't hurt LOL.

I am going to focus more on my tatting and beading instead of sitting here "thinking" too much.

Well off to get me some lunch and clean up a bit here.


Anonymous said...

Very nice blog today. Sunshine is a wonderful for all moods. I love ya and will talk with ya soon.

Jon Yusoff said...

I smiled when I read this. I wish I could walk in the sun with you.

Margarets designer cards said...

You are in a good mood, the sun and the fresh air have given you a lift. Nothing like the sun to lift your mood,