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Friday, February 11, 2011

Today was a good day!!

I had a good and bad day yesterday. I went to the bank, ran around walmart real quick and got a few things came back and I was going to go straight home but thought I would stop at the grocery store and I run into a friend of mine from school. We talked for awhile it was so nice to see her.
Then things went to crap after that but I am not going to get into it. I was a mess all night barely slept and just cried, but I am good now.

I have been getting these spots on my legs and then on my stomach and arm they keep coming and going, it all started about 3 weeks ago. I thought it may have been a rash but it wasn't itchy, or bumpy just these weird (looks like broken blood vessels) red spots. I looked it up online and got a bit scared the things associated with the bumps said lupus, leukemia, or cirrhosis. YIKES I got in panic mode, OMG what if something is wrong with me, could I die? So I asked a friend who is a nurse if it could be peticia (sp?) she said she didn't know and to see my doctor. I have no insurance which really sucks. I was too worried to go so I waited and they got dark again last night, so I don't know what made me do it but I went to my doctor and turns out its Cherry Angioma, caused by stress. WOW I have never ever had anything happen like this before, the doctor told me it was "nice" meaning it looked awful. He said its bad but will eventually go away and to try and cut the stress from my life, easier said than done I am afraid. Here is a pic of my ankle mind you I have this all over my legs and stomach and 1 arm, its not pretty. My kids giggled at what its called and my son who is silly as can be asked me if he licked my leg would he taste Cherry. LOL

Next part of my day was the arrival of a special package, We all know Aileen of AileensWickedTats She ordered some shuttles and I gave her a few things to brighten her day she was feeling a bit down. They made her happy. So in return she sent me a nice little box of goodies.
There was a small blue bag, beads, a little coin purse, all kinds of sewing notions some thread and little bead bowls and a little good luck cat and beautiful card and the tape on the box had a nice saying. It made me think and realize I NEED to do this. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so much Aileen!!

Then my kids came home, its my favorite time of day, mind you they make me happy, sad, furious, and laugh uncontrollably in the matter of an hour, I love them!

Then hubby came home, all smiles, I knew he was up to something. He went to change and stuff and said Ohhh crap I left some papers in my car in the back seat from my boss, we need to read them could you go get them for me? Ummm ok I thought nothing of it until I got out there and here is what I found 2 beautiful pink roses for valentines day, the last time he gave me a rose or any flower for that matter was our first day on February 17, 1998 he gave me a single red rose. He shocked me. I love that man!! Ohh and Ginger thought daddy should have gotten her the flowers instead of mommy, so I left her pose with them. Silly little puppy!

Tomorrow we are all going to Indiana, a little shopping at walmart and of course MICHAELS, not that I am excited to go craft shopping or anything ;0) hee hee

Next post of my latest beading and 1 thing tatted coming right up!!


Bree at "Bree's Way" said...

first thing i thought of was lupus, I have lupus and sjogrens, an off shoot of lupus, I get some little red dots on my tummy, but they don't go away, glad your dots aren't anything more serious than stress, which though can be very serious, can also be easily treated by reducing :) take care of yourself, spend a little you time, pamper yourself :)

BSOTF said...

Stress does strange things to our bodies. I had to take my little girl out of school due to she kept breaking out in hives from head to toe. Each time it took me longer to clear her up. Finally I started homeschooling my little ones & now they are doing great.
Yes, I can see how things with kids can & do all those feelings in a short amount of time.
Wow, you are so lucky to have such a wonderful man! I'm thrilled for both of you & your family!