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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SHUTTLES, Shuttles, shuttles.... made of LEATHER????

Yes you read that right LEATHER!! It was a brain child of my hubby and I both of us thought, ummm ok this probably will not work.... Ohhhhhhh but it did :D
Check these babies out- 9 are available on my Etsy shop. These are all completely hand made cut out with scissors or a blade.
They work and are so comfy to hold and FLEXIBLE and NON BREAKABLE :) Love them!!
Hard working hubby

one of the first ones, I got to be the tester :)

the 9 available

the 9 again
You can get them from me on my etsy shop link is on the left side <---- over there
More will be made very soon depending on how quick they go
Thanks for looking and have a SUPERLY AWESOME day

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