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Saturday, September 6, 2008

25 Mmotif Challenge 21 of 25

This I came up with yesterday while I was sitting outside, My husband was working on my truck and I was spending some time with him, while the kids were in school. :)
I dont even know what to tell you about the bead I was shopping in Big Lots the one day and they always have neat-o craft things and being the person that I am I love a good bargain and just plainly love crafting Items I have things I bought and never used yet lol
They had a bowl of beads for $2 so I took it upon myself to help the store reduce its inventory lol There were so many different kinds of beads in there glass beads, pony beads, seed beads, shiny beads, plastic beads etc... the bead used in the project is a lavender plastic teardrop shape, kind of reminds me of a pull for a ceiling fan.
Ok enough rambling on to the pattern lol
10 thread and 5 needle and bead
R: 4-bead-4-4-4 cl rw
CH: 10- --- -10+(center p of prev r) rw
*R: 4-4-4-4 cl rw
CH: 10- --- -10+(center p of prev r) rw
Rep * 6 more times
R: 4-4+(where 1st ch begins)4-4 cl rw
CH: 10- --- -10 +at beginning
Cut tie hide ends

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