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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

25 Motif Challenge 11 of 25

My #11 is a snowflake (starflake) with beads
I used white #30 thread and #8 needle
the beads are seed beads clear with lavender/purple centers i got them at Walmart in the sewing section they are beads on a wire.

CR: 1b1-1b1-1b1-1b1-1b1 cl
SR: 5 / 5 cl rw
*CH: 10 dnr
-R: 5b-b3-2 cl dnr
-R: 2+5b-b5-2 cl dnr
-R: 2+3b-b5 cl rw
CH: 10 rw
R: 5+(center r)5 cl rw
Rep * around joining last ch to 1st ring
Cut Tie Hide Ends

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