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Saturday, September 6, 2008

25 Motif Challenge 16 of 25

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I call this snowflake Shimmer I bought a new thread at Walmart its white with the opalesque glittery strand through it I have a bigger closer picture I hope you can see it. The scanning does it no justice.
I used the 10 thread and 5 needle
*CR: 3-3-3-3-3-3 cl rw
CH: 4-4-4-4+ next p on cr
Rep * 5 more times
Cut Tie Hide Ends
Rnd 2
+ @ last p of any chain
CH: 3-3+(p on next ch)
CH: 3-3-2- --- -2-3-3
Rep * 5 more times
Cut Tie Hide Ends
Rnd 3
+ @ any 3-3 p
*CH: 15 dnr
R: 3- --- -3 cl dnr
CH: 15+(next 3-3 sp)
Rep * 5 more times

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***Jon**** said...

You snowflakes are all so beautiful. I like them all but this is my favorite. Thank you for sharing the patterns for each one of them.