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Monday, September 8, 2008

About my #25 Motif...Coming soon...

Well last evening I was sitting here with my hubby we were just talking about my tatting of course LOL He was asking me about my patterns as I write them he was just amazed and amused at how I do it. I have so many ideas running though my head I cant focus on just one, so I asked him what should my next design be? He jumped up and grabbed a magazine (uhh ohhh this cant be good) and showed me a VW Baja Bug and said "tat that babe" and just smiled. Ahhhh Allthough I love a challange I am sitting here thinking "can I do it??" So I started it last evening I got the tires done only so far. My wrist has been hurting pretty good so I didnt do alot of tatting yesterday I am thinking today will be a tat day :) I got most of my work done yesterday canned tomatoes and salsa which is awesome :) My brother who is a fan of it will definately be getting a jar. I told him to stop by today for a special gift. I just hope he does ;) I love my brother to death and dont get to see him as much as I would like to anymore :(
I found something wonderful on Etsy and when I get it I will post it. It was an awesome find and once I told my husband the cost per item he wasnt so upset at me for buying it lol
Well must go and get a few things going before my kiddos get up for school YEAH!!!
Happy Tatting

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Ridgewoman said...

Hello! Thank you for being a follower of my blog. From your profile, I see we have many intersts in common. I'm not a photographer but enabling the talented granddaughter to complete her BFA in Photography; consequently, I know the challenges! I had 3 girls to raise ~wild things. LOL But turned out to be great, independent women with pretty nice kids. I am an avid tatter at intermediate/beginning level.
Just wanted you to know i visited and enjoyed looking at your eye candy.
Happy Tatting Bev