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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday & Update on the VW Baja Bug

Wednesday already WOW the week is going fast... Yesterday I was shopping at Walmart and was getting threads to tat with had to go with sewing thread actually its quilting thread while I was taking my time looking this lady was standing in my way just sort of staring at the opposite racks so I continued to look and she was getting peeved and I decided to look at beads and stuff then go back well she was gone I continued to look and there she was again. Ahhhhh so I hurried and ended up coming home with glow in the dark thread its so cool LOL it glows green I see some halloween ornaments coming out of that thread hee hee... I also bought a variegated purple thread and copper colored shiny thread I am thinking of going back today to get silver and gold I wanted it yesterday but wasnt thrilled at that lady following me and getting mad LOL
now on to the vw MAN its harder than I thought it would be I actually have to think about this one ROFL I have taken it apart about 6 times already I ""THINK"" I am on the right track of it now but who knows lol
It sure is chilly here this morning about 42* brrrr and I left my windows open last night LOL hubby wasnt too thrilled because he hates cold but I like it.

Well I got me 45 minutes till the kiddos get up for school sooooo I am gonna work on this bug
Have a good day all

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