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Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!!

I had a great day. Went to my moms and my brother was "chef" he is a great griller!! My brother has a quad, I have always wanted to ride and own one but never got to (me being the redneck type tom boy that I am) I got to go on a ride with my brother and OMG it was soooooo darn fun I didnt want to stop!! SOOOO after that they conned me into driving it HA HA being the clutzy person I am I drove it allright, right into my moms flowering almond tree... I am ok just got some cuts and bruises on my fore head and arm... It hurts but it was sooooooooo fun!!! I need alot of practice LOL I doubt i will ever get a quad but I can enjoy the little rides my brother gives me!!!
I am so exhausted, I need sleep right now LOL but guess what I am dong TATTING yes I said I am tatting LOL
What I am making will probably take awhile because someone (ME) had the brainy idea of making something with beads and I ""THOUGHT"" beads on the shuttle thread will be easy just like the needle HA HA HA HA HA omg talk about a pain in the rear end its making me crazy trying not to tangle the beads with the thread ARGH!!! but I will get it it just takes some patience and time LOL I may quit for now my arm / shoulder is a bit sore tonight LOL
Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful day!!

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