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Thursday, May 28, 2009

A bit of an update and a small vent...

Update with my son and his psychologist... He is doing really really well... He is beginning to calm down a bit more, he (as far as i know) hasent been stealing. he hasent destroyed anything with in this past week so I am glad and yesterday after his visit with her, we had to run to walmart and as I was helping him out of the truck he gave me the biggest hug, I nearly cried he hasent done that kind of hug in a LONG time he even hugged Shannan she was shocked and then told him, stop it people might see us LOL I had to giggle at that one. When we got hom he gave me another hug and his sister and Dad a big one too, it was awesome... I kind of want to kick myself for not doing this sooner but how was I to know that my child had a problem I "thought" it was a phase, I mean those darn kids dont come with instructions LOL

There are only 2 1/2 days of school left after today, I am glad but in the same sense not ready for it yet but its here so I must face it LOL

now my little vent:
I took my tatting with me to the dr. office because Nates sessions run from 30 mins - 1 hour depending on what they are doing etc... Normally I take it with me and dont do it because I dont like people staring at me. This time I decided to do it because no one else was in there, I was dong it and people came in a woman with a 4 year old daughter. This little girl was so sweet and just gabby as can be asking the kids questions asking me what I was doing, so I told her it was tatting a very old form of making lace she told me how pretty it was and asked me if she could try it, her mom IMMEDIATELY cut in and said "now that is just plainly stupid, why would you want to waste your time on something like CRAFTS" the little girl looked at her mom then at me and she said "my mom dont understand anything, only what she likes" I didnt know what to say I was floored at the moms reaction and at the little girl. I politely told the lady that crafting especially with children gives them such a sense of accomplishment, and it expands their creativity and confidence. She glared at me and I didnt care, if your child wants to do something like that heck buy them a pack of beads and some yarn or something, dang. The receptionist heard me and her saying things and I decided to put my tatting away for a bit to save myself the evil staring and comments lol the receptionisht brought out a box of glue, glitter, foam shapes, beads string, scissors, all kinds of neat things. and asked who wants to make something fun! My kids dove right in, that little girl looked at her mom and walked right on over to my kids and my 2 helped her make a little sign that said I love you mom it was so neat and cute I LOVED IT the mom could have cared less. so the receptionist hung it up on the wall there along with my kids things. That little girl thanked me when she went in for her appointment and said "i hope i see you again, i wish you could be my mommy" that kind of broke my heart. so as the little girl went in for her session mom went across the street to the bar. The little girl was out of her session 45 minutes before my son and when we left she was STILL waiting for her mother :( how sad... I feel good that I touched someones life if only for a little while. I just dont know how some parents can be like that not so much as the crafting issue but all of it, if they want to create something let them, dont leave your child with her therapist just so you can go get drunk and then forget about her. Just dosent seem right, I found myself restless last night thinking about that little girl.


❦TattingChic said...

That is wonderful that your little boy was hugging the family! How precious and healing!

What a nice way to handle that very obviously sick woman. That little girl had some incredible insight. I'm not sure I could've responded like she did when I was her age! My heart breaks for the little girl, but thank heavens she is seeing a psychologist and maybe she will be able to get some tools to help her deal with her Mom (who obviously needs to be the one in the therapists office...NOT the little girl). It's awesome that the receptionist brought over the crafts.. HA HA! I will keep that child in my prayers. It's just too sad!

Nancy in Dallas said...

wow...God placed you in the right place at the right time! You truly were a blessing to that little girl. As for as the mom...well I will add her(and the little girl) to my prayers. Sounds like she may need them.

***Jon**** said...

So happy to note the improvement in your son.

I just don't know how to react to the woman's treatment of her daughter. Angry and sad at the same time - angry at the 'flippant' attitude of the mother and sad for the girl who just wants to be able to express herself.

I'm glad that you were able to do something for her even in that short while. That moment must have been a most precious time for her. There is only so much that you can do, so be happy that you were part of that moment.

Gina said...

Omigawd! How could a parent be so callous to her own child? Well....she probably has some significant issues from her own past. If the little girl was there for her own session, it shows she is interested in some part of her. And that little girl sounds like one very smart cookie to me! Glad your son is doing better too.

Clyde said...

What a precious gift a hug can be I bet it lit up your day. All I can say about the little girl is I know how she feels and it was people like you who made life bearable when the struggle to cary on seemed to much. You will never know how important that moment was in that young girls life. Thank you for being there to make a difference.