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Friday, May 29, 2009

This is just too funny...

A friend of mine whom I went to school with heard that I do 'tatting' well I get this email today, and he was asking all about the various styles he had seen and wandered what I do the best, I was thinking hmmmm this is neat someone I went to school with does this too, and then he asks me if I had a shop I was thinking about etsy, and then he said he would like to come and see my work and see what kind of tattoo he would like me to give him ROFL!!! I thought it was cute and funny... I explained that the tatting I do is with threads and its used to make lace... I also told him I could "TRY" to give him a TATtoo it may hurt though ROFL he didnt really like the idea of me tatting on his skin... wander why???
hee hee hee hee
I thought it was funny


victats@gmail.com said...

When I went to Hector, NY this spring the US Border Guard thought tatting meant tatoos. He kept asking me questions and was generally giving me a hard time until I explained it was lace- frilly stuff not tatoos!

❦TattingChic said...

I've run into guys that think that, too! They've even seen pictures of tatting and thought it was unique tattoo. HELLO! That's pretty funny! :)