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Friday, December 11, 2009

Grumble, Growl, and Grrr!

Yesterday my son has his appointment at 4 - 5:00 we left there and went to Walmart and my ABS light came on in the car... I kept telling myself that its only on because the anti locks were on HA HA I knew that wasnt the case I went in walmart and got the kids mc donalds for supper since it was near 6:00 and they hadent eaten yet. Light was still on my brakes were working fine though, the roads were ok some areas werent so nice and it was windy and we had white outs and it was the first time i drove that car in the snow and in the dark, so I was nervous about that and the ABS light being on. I talked to Dave part of the way home it made me feel good and when I got home I was so relieved until I got out of the car it was off but there was this sound coming from under the hood. SOMETHING was running, I told Dave and probably 2 hours later he went and checked it and it was still running. Here is was something hooked to the antilock system still running he unhooked the battery I have no car and our mechanic was off or something today :( I need to go grocery shopping, Nate had a party tomorrow with his aides and for all the kids that go there and the parents to see santa and bowling, we cant go :(
Yes I am wallowing in my own pity for now I will get over it soon I just hate the fact that I have no vehicle again I still have a few tiny gifts to get and everything else.
The cold is getting to me its bitter today and my lungs hurt so bad if I didnt know any better I would think I was getting sick but I am not My Christmas spirit is barely flickering this year :( *sigh* 
I have a new creation to add to my shop soon I iwll let you all know when I get it all ready it was Davids idea really so I have him to thank if it goes well ;0)
Allright I am gonna tat Davids out plowing the drive way and once the kids go to bed and he showers we are watching the new Harry Potter movie YAY!! that was our little gift to ourselves

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