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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Something new....

is done!! this was the 3rd attempt at this. See I was going to lucet with these pretty beads but the way I had them strung on the cord seemed a tatted piece would haev been nicer...
The 1st necklace I did looked real real REAL bad the 2nd my daughter laughed and now I GOT IT!!! hee hee I didnt even get to sew the ends in yet... There is 1 part I am still not pleased with its the odd ball ring there with the beads on it I think it should have been joined with the others down further... I have more of these bead sets I can play with and that may be my late night tatting tonight that is unless I am too exhausted to stay up late.


Crazy Mom Tats! said...

oooo pretty! I love the beads too

Val said...

lovely accessory. would be nice for parties.

ancolie said...

hello Heather

this necklace looks pretty ! I'll comme back to see how you'll finish it ?!
Happy tatting and best wishes
ancolie from France