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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Did you ever have one of those weeks?

Where it seemed everything was just BAD!!
Lets see I won't say a whole lot on this subject BUT I have people who are un-married and child-less telling me that I am basically a BAD mother, you know I don't feed my kids etc... Now if that was the case I can imagine my kids would be horribly under weight, sickly, and tiny. and they are NONE of these things. Heck I haven't even had them to the doctor this shcool year for illness. That is AWESOME!! But you know I am a bad mother... I hate it I am tired of it, but what can I do? Nothing like always, all the comments and remarks, people think I will not hear them. Whatever... My friends helped me alot this week I wasn't in the best of moods and spent alot of time in tears. I am so tired of hearing the non parents tell me my sons issues are just an excuse, spend a day with him, a bad day, the days he mis-behaves and cries because he don't fully understand why he does some of the things he does, its heart breaking and being a young child you can't fake that stuff. Even his threapists agree that its not something to be ignored, it needs fixed now. That is why i am going through all this stuff. I am angry, I am hurt, i am upset. There are some people in my life who I thought I was very close to only to find out what I already knew, they are all for themselves, they know it all, I do not matter anymore, I was only good when I did and gave them things, live and learn I guess...
Wednesday I had Nathaniels 3 month evaluation and I had paper work to fill out for him going to the summer treatment program (summer camp) I put money in the meter I had to scour the Envoy for change because i had non in my purse ohhh well we found some but it wasnt enough I got a parking ticket... WONDERFUL it was only $3 but still I wasnt happy but then laughed it was kind of funny I guess. I have been tatting off and on this week there were days when i touched it and it just went all wrong...
Tomorrow is FRIDAY woo hoo!!! I cant wait to spend the 3 day weekend with David and the kids. and tomorrow Debbie and I are going craft shopping :) i cant wait. I need to decompress and just chat. I am so glad to have met her she is awesome finally I have a normal friend and she loves tatting too :0)
The kids get out of school on June 8 I cant wait I need things to slow down a bit. On June 14th Nate starts camp, he likes it and it will do him good.
If i do not make it back before Memorial Day, Have a safe and wonderful holiday.


God's Kid said...

Prayers for a blessed weekend!
And I think most if not all moms go through similiar things, so you are not alone. :)
May peace abound this weekend!

Katherinne McKay said...

Those who haven't walked in the shoes of others who go through hell have no idea what it is like. Trust me, I've learned that lesson the hard way. Everything will work out in the end. It's not a hope, but rather from experience.

And those who make the snide comments thinking they aren't heard? Don't let it get to you. In my experience, they are usually afraid of what your situation is, so to make themselves feel better, they try to knock you down.

As the adage goes, it's always darkest before the dawn. I hope this can be a turning point for you and that you, as well as your family, can grow from this.