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Friday, May 28, 2010

Photo of the Day & Broken threads...

First the photo of the day, pretty isn't it? I figured this dreary Friday needed some brightening up :)

Can you believe it I did my hair and make up AGAIN wow. i feel a bit better today since I vented, I have had the best comment and private emails THANKS!!

And now, the horror, the thing all of us tatters fear and can sympathize with me. i bought this vintage thread off of Etsy ahle back... I am guessing it was very vintage. I was pulling a LJ tight and snap! OMG?!?!!?!?!
it broke and i just sat here in awe that it broke ... :( I was so happy to be back in creativity mode I had started designing something with some size 80 thread a size in which i have never ever used and it was going pretty well until the dreaded snap...

i have since started over in size 20 just to see how the design will work up..

Today Debbie and i are going shopping WOO HOO I so cant wait. My daughter has a field trip today too. I cant help but worry the little girl she has to partner with is a drama queen, she loves to make Shannan feel bad so she will do what she wants her to. They are going to Del Grosso park.

I better get a moving here because if I dont I will doze off in my chair


Fox said...

Oh, NO! I do sympathize, as I have had that vey thing happen. You gotta watch that vintage thread - same as wool; it will get very brittle with age and there is nothing you can do about it. Just like us!
Fox : )

Beelizabeth said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I, too have children that have had to have major therapy. Their conditions are life long so they needed to be taught how to keep the problems under control so they could have a normal life. When the handicap is invisible, or manifests as a behavior problem, most people don't understand that a real physiological problem could be at the core. I got a degree so that I could understand the under lying problems and hopefully teach those I come in contact with a little bit.
The problem with your thread breaking may not be that it is vintage, or size 80-- I have had Lizbeth size 20 break as I closed rings or tightened lock joints. I have it happen much less often since getting some suggestions on InTatters, but sometimes it happens no matter how careful I am.

The Beading Gem said...

Thank goodness I don't work with vintage thread because I would probably be breaking it regularly!