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Monday, May 17, 2010

Whoa where on earth did the time go??? Blog~A~Versary #2

I knew this month was May. I knew my 2nd year of blogging was in May but somehow I didn't realize it WAS May lol Wowser where did that year go... I am also near my 500th post. So when I hit 500 posts I may do something special, not a give away this time but something else :)

I started my diet (I really am not considering it a diet so I don't get in that mode of ICK! a diet) did good so far today. Had my Special K cereal, cup of coffee with organic sugar and a little creamer, and just drank a nice glass of green tea with mint. I am going to try no soda today but my Mountain Dew will probably call my name later lol. I walked for an hour as well just around here because its raining again!

Ned is laying on my bed snoring like crazy, Ginger is laying under my legs  in the dip of the chair. I am going to be adding some more photos to my photography Etsy shop and I even started to make the sets again here is an example: the larger picture is the main one, the rest are altered :D

Until next post... HAPPY TATTING


Isdihara said...

Happy blog-iversary to you! The time just flies by, doesn't it? That means we're having fun!

Can't say enough how much I love your dandelion photo, not matter what you do with it. It has an airy feeling that makes my heart light each time I look at it.

Great start to your new eating regime. Did you see the lovely compliment Fox posted about your "Wine and Roses" HDT?

Tudy said...

Congrats on you blogaversary and all those posts. I love your photos. Hang in there on the effort to lose weight. Yes your Mt. Dew will call and you may have a caffeine headache if you stop cold turkey. Good luck.