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Monday, September 15, 2008

25 Motif Challenge 2 of 25 Part 2

The bead I used isnt actually a bead its a plastic ornamental thing for in a bowl with a candle LOL I had my wonderful hubby put a hole in one for me and I came up with this lovely necklace.
I used 10 thread and a 5 needle

R: 12 cl
*SR: 7/7 cl
Rep * 7 more times (you will have 8 SR)
**SR: 8/8 cl
Rep ** 7 more times (you will have another 8 SR)
SR: 8-(make p a tiny bit longer than bead)4/4 cl rw
CH: 8 rw
R: 4-4 cl rw
CH: 6 rw
R: 2-2 cl rw
CH: 4 cl dnr
R: 5-2 cl
R: 2+2- --- -2-2 cl
R: 2+5 cl dnr
CH: 4 rw
R: 2+2 cl rw
CH: 6 rw
R: 4+4 cl rw
CH: 8 rw
SR: 4+(put bead on p and join)8/4 cl
Rep ** 8 times
Rep * 8 times
R: 12 cl
Cut Tie Hide Ends

1 comment:

Barbara Gordon said...

This necklace and some of your other things are simple but nice. Very nice. I like simple! Thanks for sharing all your stuff.